Cancer survivor's story

Patient from Chicago, USA

I used 50 grams daily for a few weeks but developed another tumour and my CA125 tumour marker continued to rise. I decided to increase right up to 200 grams daily VITAMIN C IV . My husband is a doctor so he was monitoring me. By the time I had increased to 125grams daily the tumour had disappeared. It became increasingly difficult to administer due to vein thrombosis. This was a side effect of the chemo so I had a PICC line put in but that failed and all my blood vessels started to thrombose. I added r-ALA to the IV VITAMIN C but reacted to it so just took the r-ALA orally instead.After about six weeks of daily infusions I decided to give the IV treatment a rest until I had a central line put in. This was going to be done at the same time as I was going to have another biopsy. I was only going to have chemo if I knew which chemo was going to help so a biopsy was needed for an assay. By the time I had a scan to check the progress of the cancer it had all disappeared. We were all so shocked and delighted. So far I have been off the IV VITAMIN C for one month but hope to start again tonight. I understand that the cancer can come back very aggressively if the IV VITAMIN C is stopped too suddenly. We will use 100 grams twice a week for another two years. I only used testing once to check the saturation level and the lab did the wrong test and tested for B6 instead!! So no we didn't bother with level testing. 50grams did not work for me or for a few others that I know. I also made the mistake of taking a slow drip at first maybe over four hours this is not helpful it needs to be 50grams over 60 minutes followed by 50grams over 120 minutes for the best results. I chatted to Dr plus used the University protocol. My local hospital and hospice said that I was a very difficult patient because I was suffering from denial. That I would not admit that I was dying that I was making things more difficult for my family by trying these unproven methods of treatment. They just thought I was sad and desperate. I was, and thankfully I am now really well just three months after starting IVC and 3 months into my prognosis of less than 6 months survival. What cancer do you have? What side effects with IV  VIT C- nausea when completing the 125grams dose and general difficulty getting the needle in leading to anxiety. Make sure you drink vast amounts of water with the IV VITAMIN C. But it was a great deal easier than chemo. I could tell the cancer was dying by the smell of my urine and sweat. It was the same smell as when the chemo first started to work. ( Sorry to be so graphic) Unfortunately two courses of chemo did not put me in full remission. My tumour returned in less than a month after finishing the course and it was even more aggressive.
I will give all glory to God.