Anti - Cancer Combat - VITAMIN C Intravenous Drip


Price: 30US$ bottle Vitamin C IV 
Concentration 10000mg (10grams)
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Composition: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and 
distilled water for injections

Vitamin C IV and CANCER

We recommend mega dose VITAMIN C IV treatment as adjunctive therapy for patients fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The goal of this IV treatment is to OPTIMIZE the body's immune system and innate defense mechanisms. By doing so, we hope to aid conventional medical treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) in the eradication of cancer and chronic illness. Typical standard treatments for cancer attempt to kill malignant cells, but place little emphasis on optimizing the body's own natural defense systems. Often we come close to killing the patient with chemotherapy, and then HOPE he can recover from the devastating treatment. Our goal is to aid the body in its fight against cancer. High dose IV VITAMIN C treatment combined with a protocol of healthy nutrition and anti-cancer supplements, can significantly help an immune-suppressed patient maximize his chances of surviving the ordeal of cancer, and the ordeal of cancer therapy.
IV Vitamin C is typically given in doses ranging from a few thousand milligrams to one hundred thousand milligrams. Doses up to approximately 50,000mg are considered to be exceptionally anti-inflammatory. They are also known to improve immune function and stimulate white blood cells to fight infection.

Once the IV Vitamin C doses are increased to the 75000-100,000mg range (75-100grams), they have been shown to kill cancer cells. In addition these doses will kill viruses, and mold toxins.

How to use:
Week 1: 1 x 10 g (1 iv bottle) infusion per day, 3 times per week  
Week 2: 1 x 20 g (2 iv bottles) infusion per day, 3 times per week  
Week 3: 1 x 40 g (4 iv bottles) infusion per day, 3 times per week
Week 4: 1 x 60 g (6 iv bottles) infusion per day, 3 times per week
Week 5: 1 x 80 g (8 iv bottles) infusion per day, 3 times per week
Week 6: 1 x 100 g (10 iv bottles) infusion per day, 3 times per week.

Treatment will be continued with maximum dose 100 grams (10 iv bottles) for each session at least one month.

For intravenous administration, it is recommended to dilute VITAMIN C IV with SALINE SOLUTION in 1/2 dilution.
The indicated doses and treatment schedules should be followed.
VITAMIN C IV solution for injection is very sensitive to environmental factors and it is necessary to keep the product protected from light.
Do not administer together with sulphamides because Ascorbic Acid may favor the precipitation of sulphamides in the urine.
Intravenous rapid injection is not recommended!

SIDE EFFECTS: They were not found!
It can be diluted with Saline Solution as needed!