Benefits of IV VITAMIN C in Cancer

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The use of IV vitamin C in patients with cancer has shown broad-spectrum benefits. The published evidence for the benefits of IV vitamin C in cancer include:

·         Improved Quality of Life
·         Increased overall survival
·         Increased 5 year disease-free survival
·         Reduction in pain
·         Increased energy
·         Increased appetite
·         Decreased cancer-associated inflammation
·         Prevents cancer-associated sepsis
·         Combats infections (viral, bacterial, fungi)
·         Non-toxic to healthy cells
·         Reduces side effects and toxicity of chemotherapy
·         Reduces side effects and toxicity of radiation
·         Augments the cancer kill rate of chemotherapy
·         Augments the cancer kill rate of radiation
·         Kills cancer cells
·         Allows a decrease in dose of chemotherapy, yet maintains the same cancer kill rate
·         Improves surgery recovery
·         May even decrease post-surgery cancer recurrence
·         Kills Cancer Stem Cells (CSC)
Most importantly, the IV use of vitamin C has repeatedly been shown to be safe at therapeutic levels as high as 125 grams.  The safety, the increased quality of life and the increased overall survival alone are reasons all people with cancer should be offered IV vitamin C.  Any therapy that is safe, improves outcome, and reduces side effects should be a go in the fight against cancer!

Cancers responsive to IV VITAMIN C

The use of IV vitamin C has been shown to be effective both in solid (i.e. breast, prostate…) and blood-borne cancers (i.e. leukemia, multiple myeloma…) including:
·         Brain (Glioblastoma)
·         Ovarian
·         Lung (Non-small cell lung cancer)
·         Leukemia
·         Pancreatic
·         Breast
·         Prostate
·         Melanoma
·         Liver
·         Colon
·         Bladder
·         Neuroblastoma
·         Multiple myeloma
·         Sarcoma
 and more...